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Carlos Delatorre - Get to Elite!

Developing World-Class Talent: Leadership Lessons from Carlos Delatorre CRO at Harness

Carlos is a successful serial entrepreneur who has scaled multiple companies from $100 million to $1 billion in revenue through ...
his focus on developing talent. In this podcast interview, he shares his journey and philosophy around nurturing grit, commitment and embracing mistakes.

Carlos' Talent Development Philosophy
Carlos reflects on nurturing talent over decades by spotlighting strengths and developing people beyond their current roles. He discusses specific examples like Jessica Roman and Matt McClernand who he challenged outside of their experience, furthering their leadership abilities. Carlos emphasizes the importance of grit, commitment to excellence and learning from failures.

Evaluating Growth Opportunities
Carlos looks for "angry markets" with differentiated products and scalable, aligned teams when evaluating opportunities. He chose Harness due to the massive potential in automating developer workflows and its product-led growth model.

Prioritizing Inclusive Cultures
Carlos evolved to prioritize developing talent and building inclusive cultures. He organizes teams like internal startups to drive rapid innovation.

Insights on Scaling to $1B Revenue
Carlos shares that scaling 10x requires optimizing processes through data-driven priorities and leveraging strategic channels like hyperscalers to accelerate growth.

In closing, Carlos' enduring passion and infectious energy for developing world-class teams shine through. His lessons offer a blueprint for leadership and sustained success.
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