Ollie Kuehne

Meet Ollie Kuehne, the Co-Host of the Vodcast ‘Hunters and Unicorns’ and a seasoned serial entrepreneur. With a track record of leading a tech-driven aviation brokerage to successful acquisition, Ollie’s entrepreneurial journey has taken him around the globe. Fascinated by the dynamics of sales, he transitioned into the realm of executive search, where he now thrives as a Founding Executive Partner at Hunters and Unicorns.

With over a decade of experience under his belt, Ollie specializes in sourcing top-tier GTM (Go-To-Market) talent for VC-backed technology firms. He spearheads the prestigious Black Label practice within the firm, overseeing strategic hires crucial for companies to meet their objectives through retained search projects. Additionally, Ollie provides invaluable advisory services, aiding software companies in optimizing their recruitment strategies for accelerated growth, whether they’re entering new markets or establishing their presence internationally.

Besides his professional pursuits, Ollie is all about family, soaking up precious moments with his wife and two kids in their seaside home in Brighton & Hove. When he’s not shooting hoops with his son or cheering on his daughter’s dance or gymnastics routines, you’ll find Ollie getting his adrenaline fix with extreme sports like snowboarding and kitesurfing. Interestingly, he’s never been big on traditional ball sports, preferring the thrill of more adventurous activities.

Simon Kouttis

Introducing Simon, the Co-Host of the renowned Podcast ‘Hunters and Unicorns’, a captivating interview series unveiling the growth strategies and playbooks of technology’s foremost leaders.

Armed with a degree in mathematics, Simon embarked on a diverse career journey, dabbling in property development and hospitality entrepreneurship before finding his niche in executive search. Now, as a Founding Executive Partner at Hunters and Unicorns, Simon leverages over a decade of expertise to shape industry-leading methodologies. He’s the mastermind behind the Trinity Search Methodology and the Candidate Spectrum of Motivations, and he’s authored the acclaimed Hunters and Unicorns recruitment playbook, rooted in the MEDDIC framework.

Simon’s realm extends beyond mere technical prowess; he seamlessly navigates both technical and sales recruitment realms, spearheading monumental global recruitment endeavors. His fervor for recruitment strategy fuels his mission to dismantle bottlenecks hindering the acquisition of top-tier talent, collaborating closely with talent acquisition specialists to optimize effectiveness.

Outside the boardroom, Simon indulges his creative spirit through art and music. A self-proclaimed golf aficionado with an unwavering allegiance to Liverpool Football Club, Simon’s true joy lies in being a devoted father to his boy-girl twins, whose boundless energy often redirects his attention from his beloved hobbies.


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