SPECIAL EDITION – Spencer Tuttle – Sales Rep to CRO in 8 years!

Join us in this engaging podcast featuring Spencer Tuttle, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of Redis, as he shares his remarkable career journey and imparts invaluable insights into the art of building and scaling organizations. Spencer takes us on a journey through his career, starting with his early days at BMC and later advancing into leadership roles at AppDynamics. Key takeaways from this segment include Spencer’s emphasis on mastering each role he undertook. He underscores the importance of learning from exceptional leaders and peers at every career stage, amalgamating their wisdom to forge his unique approach. Spencer’s transition to AppDynamics is explored, wherein he unveils his attraction to the company, driven by its exceptional team and the boundless potential of its technology. The evolution of the sales playbook, especially within the context of subscription software, is also a focal point of discussion. The episode delves into Spencer’s perspective on pressure, drawing from his experiences at BMC. He articulates how embracing pressure can be a privilege and offers sage advice on taking personal accountability and delivering results. Spencer’s journey into first-line leadership is unveiled, where he lays out the critical importance of transparency, team-building, and nurturing a culture that fosters growth and enablement. Alignment between organizational culture and individual expectations is another crucial theme, offering profound insights for both budding and seasoned professionals. Join us for this enlightening exploration of Spencer Tuttle’s remarkable career journey and the profound wisdom he has gathered along the way. This podcast series offers a wealth of knowledge on mastering roles, transitioning to leadership, and navigating the dynamic world of business, all delivered by a seasoned expert with a wealth of experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights into building and growing successful organizations


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