Hunters + Unicorns | The Playbook Universe – Olli Krebs #0013

🎙️ Insights from Olli Krebs: Navigating 30 Years in Sales 🌟

In our latest Playbook Universe episode, we had the privilege of speaking with Olli Krebs, a sales veteran with three decades of experience. During this time, he achieved notable milestones including 15 President’s Club recognitions, involvement in five acquisitions, participation in one IPO, and membership in two Chairman’s Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) circles. Notably, Olli was an integral part of the initial Blade Logic crew and was among the earliest hires in the European market.

Here are some key takeaways from this enlightening conversation:

1️. European Expansion: European software and SaaS companies are making waves in the US market, challenging Silicon Valley’s dominance. Innovation hubs are emerging across Europe, fostering tech growth.

2. Value of European Investors: European investors offer guidance and experience, beyond capital, to startups.

3. Cultural Adaptability: Sales strategies vary due to cultural differences, emphasizing adaptability and understanding local markets.

4. Sales Training: Sales training should emphasize mastering the craft and understanding the company’s ethos.

5. Managerial Transition: Transitioning from an individual contributor to a manager requires a delicate balance of relationships and authority. It’s complex, requiring guidance and coaching to lead effectively.

6. Understanding ‘Why’: Emphasize understanding the ‘why’ behind methodologies, focusing on collaboration and individuality.

7. Sales Fundamentals: People buy from people; honesty and integrity are paramount in sales. Align with customer needs, provide solutions, and build strong relationships.

8. Key Traits: Confidence and adaptability are vital for sales professionals, especially in dynamic markets like cryptocurrency.

Olli’s wisdom underscores, that sales, at its core, is about understanding customer needs, offering solutions, and building lasting connections. It’s a journey of evolution, from traditional relationship-focused sales to a consultative approach, especially for enterprise solutions. Success lies in embracing change, upholding ethics, and embodying confidence. Thank you, Olli, for these invaluable insights! 🚀 #SalesLeadership #BusinessInsights #HuntersAndUnicorns


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