Hunters + Unicorns | The Founders Edition – Jeremy Burton EP002

Welcome to Episode 2 of Hunters and Unicorns: The Founders Edition.

Navigating the Fierce Terrain of Competitive Markets. Join us as we dive deep into the world of disrupting highly competitive markets with Jeremy Burton, the dynamic CEO of Observe Inc., a pioneering startup backed by Sutter Hill Ventures that’s reshaping the Observability landscape. Jeremy joined at the inception of Observe Inc., under the mentorship of industry luminary Mike Speiser.

Observe Inc. embarks on a formidable mission: challenging established giants in the SaaS arena.

In this episode, we explore:

🚀 Strategies for Disrupting Established Markets

🛠️ Prioritizing Product Development for Mass Appeal

🌟 Winning Customers Before Your Product is Fully Cooked

🤝 The Interplay Between Sales and Marketing, plus Making Your First Marketing Hire

Jeremy Burton, a celebrated executive once hailed by Forbes as one of the world’s leading CMOs, brings a wealth of experience. His illustrious career includes roles such as “Entrepreneur In Residence” at Sutter Hill Ventures, CMO at Dell Technologies, President at EMC, President + CEO at Serena Software, and Group President at Symantec. Jeremy also lends his expertise as a board member at Snowflake and serves on the Advisory Board for the McLaren Group.

Get ready to unravel the technology-value conundrum and discover how a seasoned campaigner successfully transitions to embrace the founder’s grind. Jeremy answers these burning questions and more in this exhilarating episode, brought to you by Hunters and Unicorns as part of The Founders Edition. Don’t miss out!


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