Hunters + Unicorns Special Edition | Casey Ellis and Dave Gerry – Founder vs CEO, is 2 a crowd?

In this Special Edition episode from Hunters and Unicorns, we’re treated to an engaging chat with Casey Ellis (Founder) and Dave Gerry (CEO) from the innovative cybersecurity company Bugcrowd. Casey, the pioneering brain behind Bugcrowd, takes us from his days of cracking codes to building a platform that empowers the good-guy hackers. Dave brings his rich tapestry of cybersecurity experiences to the table, painting a picture of how his past roles carved the path to his CEO position.

The duo dive into the story of how Bugcrowd transitioned from its founder-focused roots to a broader leadership horizon, unpacking the wins and hurdles of growing a company. Their camaraderie is a testament to how trust, respect, and diverse strengths can forge a strong leadership bond.

They also peel back the curtain on the art of cybersecurity sales, shedding light on the intricate dance of pitching to top security chiefs and the journey from the sales floor to the corner office. Both Casey and Dave are champions for cultivating a team spirit and a culture where everyone pulls together.

Looking ahead, Bugcrowd’s blueprint is all about upscaling the business, pushing the growth pedal to the metal, and branching out into untapped territories—all while honing their message to showcase their full suite of cyber-defenses beyond just bug bounties. It’s clear that for Bugcrowd, the future’s not just bright; it’s groundbreaking.


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