Hunters and Unicorns | The Playbook Universe – Philip van der Wilt #006

Welcome to Hunters and Unicorns: The Playbook Universe.  

We’re here to showcase leaders within the Playbook Community and explore their formulas for success. We aim to uncover: 


·         How best to optimise sales within EMEA for scaling companies

·         The role of self-awareness when driving your own career trajectory

·         Why amplifying strong leadership over management is critical to success.


Today we are joined by Philip van der Wilt, Senior Vice President and General Manager, EMEA, Samsara.

In this episode, Philip shares his inspiring professional journey. From a sales role in the Netherlands, to phenomenal success on the international platform.

He shares his insight on how the current economic climate, similar to the financial downturns in the past, will inevitably lead to future opportunities. Philip’s time at Data Domain ignited his passion for implementing European strategy to success. Whilst at CommVault,

Philip further developed his leadership skills, identifying the gulf between a good leader as opposed to a good manager.

Philip’s perspective on seeing challenges as opportunities to develop rather than opposed to isolated problems to solve, is incredibly thought provoking.

Philip discusses his experience at ServiceNow. From understanding the importance of cross-functionality for scaling, to understanding when to expand your product portfolio.

Now at Samsara, he shares with us his vision, mission and purpose.

Throughout the discussion, Philip talks to us about the role of self-awareness throughout the successes and learning points which have peppered his illustrious career. Make sure you tune in!


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