Hunters and Unicorns | The Playbook Universe – Jason Eubanks #009

Welcome to Hunters and Unicorns: The Playbook Universe.

We’re here to showcase leaders within the Playbook Community and explore their formulas for success.

We aim to uncover:

· How to apply an enterprise playbook motion to product lead and viral lead growth strategies

· Working with second time founders

· How science and nurture can generate world class high performing sales teams

Today we are joined by Jason Eubanks, CRO of Harness.

In this episode, we explore Jason’s astronomical career trajectory, from a first line leader to a CRO in just ten years. We also get invaluable insight into Harness’ formula for success. Since it was founded six years ago, Harness has seen phenomenal valuation growth of over 1000%.

His first exposure to the Playbook goes back to BMC, where under the leadership of John McMahon and his formidable leaders, he experienced profound impact on every aspect of his career. Jason shares how he was able to apply his learning within Meraki which went onto be acquired by Cisco. He shares the importance of adaptability to the go-to-market rhythm he inherited and company culture.

Jason talks about the alignment of the sales leadership and the business executives, the collaboration to work with founders with established go-to-market operating rhythms, and how an investment in sales enables scale at pace.

Jason places huge significance on iterating feedback along the way with his teams and why the early alignment of big goals is crucial to a harmonious and successful working dynamic. From a conversation about trust with John McMahon early on in his career to his current working relationship with Jyoti – CEO and Founder of Harness, Jason shares with us the conversations which accented his professional journey.


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