Hunters and Unicorns | The Playbook Universe – Chris Singletary #007

Welcome to Hunters and Unicorns: The Playbook Universe. We’re here to showcase leaders within the Playbook Community and explore their formulas for success.

We aim to uncover:

· The Evolution of the Playbook

· Leading indicators that are proven in SaaS to create sustained success

· The changing landscape of sales cycles

Today we are joined by Chris Singletary, RVP-East at Coralogix. In this episode, we dive into Chris’ impressive sales career which began after his time with the US military – an experience which has shaped him profoundly. Chris has worked at many industry powerhouses including; Oracle, Opsware, BMC, Cisco, AppDynamics, Lacework and Coralogix. His career trajectory has always been aligned to the Playbook community – join us in listening to his experience and lessons learned! Chris shares with us his perspective on the Playbook Mindset and MEDDIC principles – at a time where buyers and sellers’ needs may have changed, the principles of the Playbook Mindset still ring true today. On the theme of today’s changing landscape, Chris also shares the challenges involved with remote working, the ever-evolving length of sales cycles and how to curate successful sales executions in today’s market for the individual, team and organisation. Chris places huge importance on empathy and making genuine connections within the sales space. He also shares the characteristics of strong leaders. At what point does support and guidance become rigid oversight? How does accountability feed directly into account progression? Chris also discusses the importance of leaders spending time with their reps to nurture progression not revenue. Chris distils the core principles of identifying pain and hunting for champions. As a keen advocate of following the playbook fundamentals, Chris also shares why research is a critical pillar in the sales process. He shares his insight in how to launch a great sales campaign. Understanding what’s changed in this software sales space, as well as what still stands strong, Chris offers views and phenomenal insight into the Playbook universe.


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