Hunters and Unicorns | The Playbook Universe – Chris Mahoney #011

Welcome to Hunters and Unicorns: The Playbook Universe.   

We’re here to showcase leaders within the Playbook Community and explore their formulas for success.  

We aim to uncover:  

  • Why the ICE formula is imperative. 
  • The criticality of the Economic Buyer. 
  • How to elevate your Execution whether that be selling consumer side or enterprise software. 


Today we are joined by Chris Mahoney, SVP for the Worldwide Sales Team at LaunchDarkly.  

In this Hunters and Unicorns podcast, Chris shares his professional journey with us including examples of his application of the Playbook. 

He also discusses how he’s building the global sales team at LaunchDarkly with rapid scale. You don’t want to miss this exciting episode with one the industry’s titans! 

Chris has consistently operated within the elite playbook space, with experiences at prestigious companies including ServiceNow, BMC Software and Phase 1.  

Amongst his plethora of achievements, he was the most successful Solution Sales leader at ServiceNow, he lead the first product line from under $50M to more than $1B, scaled teams from less than 10 to over 650 and helped grow the market capital from £12B to a  staggering $125B.  

Whilst at BMC, Chris built the number one performing sales team globally and at Phase 1, he went through 27 mergers and acquisitions in consumer software.  

Prior to enterprise software, Chris spent 10 years in consumer software working in operations and sales.  

Under strong leadership and immersing himself in absorbing as much knowledge as possible, Chris navigated the enterprise software space with cadence and agility.  

He thrived in learning not just the solutions but also the processes. Chris discusses with us the role of the Beginner’s Mindset and how maintaining a strong degree of curiosity throughout your career will directly contribute to success.  

Chris also discusses times in his career where the focus was not on performance and numbers, but in fact on character and drive.  

Hunters and Unicorns loved hearing about Chris’ formidable career, accented with pivotal conversations with the likes of A-players such as Tom Schmidt, John Donahoe, Frank Slootman, Andy Byron, Keith Butler and Bill McDermott. 

Make sure you tune in! 


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