Hunters and Unicorns | The Founders Edition – Jyoti Bansal EP001

Welcome to Hunters and Unicorns: The Founders Edition.

Today we welcome Jyoti Bansal!

Key takeaways from this episode are:

– How AppDynamics became the industry blueprint for sales execution best practice.

– The relationship between Product Market Fit and Sales Motion.

– Appointing the right advisors at the right times is imperative for scalability.

– Understanding the evolution of the sales process as you approach $10m in sales.

Jyoti Bansal is a multi-unicorn founder, currently the founder and CEO of two high-growth technology companies: Harness and Traceable AI. In addition to running Harness and Traceable, Jyoti is highly involved in developing the next generation of technology companies through mentorship and investment.

In 2017 he launched BIG Labs and in 2018 co-founded VC firm Unusual Ventures with John Vrionis. The firm currently has more than $1 billion under management. Jyoti shares his incredible journey with us. His passion for the highest calibre of sales execution is profound and he reflects on the lessons he’s learned from his own advisors – industry titans; Dev Ittycheria, John McMahon, Dali Rajic, Jeremy Duggan and Joe Sexton.

Jyoti candidly opens up about his own awakening regarding giving sales the same parity as product strength. He also delves into why slowing down in order to forecast correctly is crucial to onward success and cadence. In this episode, Jyoti discusses:

– How the Business Value Assessment was a game changer for AppDynamics

– How to stimulate customer affinity – The importance and limitations of founder lead sales

– Why Business Value Realisation is the true metric for sustained success

– When to adopt a top-down sales approach vs down-top, vs the “sandwich” strategy

This podcast is full to the brim of insight, honesty and undeniable tenacity. How do you identify a good seller? When’s the right time to appoint a CRO? Is the rolodex enough anymore for a salesperson?

Jyoti answers these questions and many many more in the first edition of The Founders Edition, bought to you by Hunters and Unicorns. Don’t miss it!!


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