Hunters and Unicorns: Playbook Universe – Luke Rogers #001

“I want to codify every element of selling into a formula that is so flawless that any intelligent, coachable individual regardless of their experience can thrive. I want to dispel this art into such a science that I can create an elite sales force without having to hire lions – just brilliant, determined people that can learn.”  - Luke Rogers

Hunters and Unicorns shares the playbooks from leaders, founders, executives and investors from high growth technology companies. In this special edition series The 33 CXOs we investigate the greatest success story in the history of software sales. Discover how thirty-three sales execs from one organisation, BladeLogic, became CXOs in the world’s 100 fastest growing technology companies. We uncover the stories and playbooks of the most prolific sales leaders in the industry. Episode 1 features Luke Rogers, VP of Sales at Instabase. Luke founded his first company at the age of 15. Selling computers online, Luke grew the business from zero to a quarter of a million turnover annually before he had even finished high school and experienced such explosive growth that he was able to leave home and fund his own university education. His degree in artificial intelligence and cybernetics combined with over a decade of enterprise sales experience has equipped Luke with a rich technical and business skill set. He believes that experience is the least important quality when building an elite go to market team and has dedicated his career to teaching sales as a science and diversifying the tech landscape through empowering and recruiting new voices into sales. Prior to joining Instabase, Luke was part of the team that helped take AppDynamics from $100M to a $3.7bn sale to Cisco in just four years. His current role at Instabase not only unlocks the next phase of growth for Luke, but also provides an opportunity for him to pay it forward and help change the lives of his teams and customers. “If you make it simple and merit based then people will thrive and if you give them the right training and the right mentoring, people can achieve things that they didn’t think were possible. That’s what happened to me.” After university, Luke worked for two of the largest tech companies on the planet, Cisco and IBM, but his hunger for growth, continuous learning, and making an impact led him to seek new opportunities in an environment that would challenge him to do better every day. He knew what he was looking for and when he met Jeremy Duggan, VP of Silicon Valley’s newest “unicorn”, AppDynamics, he knew had found it. Although Luke had never sold software before, his confidence, determination and “do whatever it takes” mentality shone through and secured him a role that would transform his career. With an industry veteran as his mentor and in an environment where “everyone was running as fast as they possibly could”, Luke “left his bags at the door” and became a disciple of Jeremy’s playbook, following the process exactly, learning it and living it better than anyone else. He received the training and enablement he needed to develop and become a master of his craft and learnt lessons in entrepreneurship that changed his life. Luke developed into the inspirational leader he is today, committed to supporting and progressing his teams whilst maintaining and developing a culture of respect, excellence, and diversity. “If we keep fishing in the same ponds, we’re going to keep hiring the same people and end up with the same types of teams, and the same types of leaders, but it’s new leaders that come from those different backgrounds that are diverse – they’re the ones that are going to change things because they’ll hire different people and then everything will change. That’s what we need to do and that is important to me.” In this vodcast you will discover: The framework that enabled Luke to transition from having zero software sales experience to leading and managing teams and closing $10 million deals. What motivates Luke to succeed and how Jeremy’s belief in him has shaped him as a leader. How Luke has maintained high performance throughout his career – his personal drive and future mission. Luke’s role as VP of Sales at Instabase and what he looks for when hiring. Luke Rogers is dedicated to creating and developing a new generation of sales legends and adding meaningful value to people and organizations in a methodical and disciplined way. As his incredible career journey continues to reshape and take new turns, we cannot wait to see the next phase of his growth. We discuss all of this and more in this insightful and inspiring discussion – a special opportunity for those with an interest in sales strategy, as well as anyone with a passion for the technology space to gain valuable insight into this industry.


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