Hunters and Unicorns: Playbook Universe – Hash Choudhuri #004

Welcome to Hunters and Unicorns: The Sales Leaders Playbook.  

We’re here to showcase leaders within People and Culture and explore how the fastest growing tech companies are amplifying performances through increased employee engagement. 

By highlighting and celebrating the executives driving the evolution within the highest growth software companies in the world, we aim to uncover: 

  • Why engagement is critical  
  • The importance of diversity, equality, and inclusion  
  • How to achieve true scale by attracting a diverse workforce of A Players 

Today we are joined by Hash Basu-Choudhuri, General Manager of EMEA at Cribl. In this episode, we discuss Hash’s history in the observability industry, his experiences as first man on the ground opening up EMEA operations at Cribl, and the business plan he executed against to introduce the 18-month-old startup to a brand-new market and territory in 2021.  

Credibility, integrity, and trustworthiness are three things that I think will always stand you in good stead, whether you’re in this business or any other business and I’ve never compromised on those three. You say what you’re going to do and do what you’re going to say. That’s number one. Number two, it’s the team, it’s never about one man, it’s about working together in unison and then, let’s be honest, it’s about the product.” 

Taking us from the early days of cutting his teeth at Sybase – to joining Splunk in the middle of an economic crisis in 2008 – through to his current adventure at Cribl and the entrepreneurial drive that led him to this role, Hash opens our eyes to the change mindset required to succeed in the fast-paced Observability sector as we discuss the benefits of his deep technical background and the key drivers that push him to accept new challenges and continually reinvent himself in different areas of business.  

With a variety of tools and techniques for propelling an upward career trajectory in the tech space, listen to this podcast to discover the foundations that enabled Hash to accomplish success as well as his strategies for building sustainable, repeatable, and high growth business. 


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