DEAR FUTURE CRO | by Culture Crunch x GrowthQ – Paula Hansen

The team at Hunters and Unicorns is excited to announce their pop-up podcast collaboration bought to you by Culture Crunch and GrowthQ. 

Titled ‘Dear Future CRO’, we talk to dynamic and diverse sales leaders and listen to their advice for tomorrow’s CROs. 

Dear future CRO, think about how you are contributing to building quality teams, investing in talent, investing in people’s development, thinking about what it is that you need from your team of people, your leaders, your individual contributors to deliver on the result that you have because when you think about it in that concept, you’ll do different things on a daily basis than you would if you’re only thinking about your responsibility to deliver.” 

Today we are joined by Paula Hansen, President and Chief Revenue Officer at Alteryx. With over 25 years of experience in SaaS, we discuss Paula’s incredible career trajectory, including her transition from engineering into sales in the early years of her career and how she married her passion for knowledge in the technology space with interpersonal skills to forge a clear path to her current role. 

Listen to this episode to discover Paula’s experiences and personal journey through the ranks as she enlightens us with strategies for establishing a successful career in sales and offers her advice on how to cultivate mutually beneficial mentorship relationships, develop new sponsorship opportunities, remove unconscious bias across interview panels and nurture diversity of perspective in today’s sales environment.  

Sharing tactics and tips on how to scale your leadership career, Paula offers real-life examples from within the walls of world-class organisations to support and accelerate the careers of next generation revenue leaders.  




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