DEAR FUTURE CRO | by Culture Crunch x GrowthQ – Gerri Elliott

The team at Hunters and Unicorns is excited to announce their pop-up podcast collaboration bought to you by Culture Crunch and GrowthQ. 

Titled ‘Dear Future CRO’, we talk to dynamic and diverse sales leaders and listen to their advice for tomorrow’s CROs. 

Forget the R. The revenue comes from your customers and you better focus on them or that revenue and growth will never come. I chose to be Chief Customer Officer. I never wanted a Chief Revenue Officer title because I thought it was the wrong emphasis. So, forget the R, go focus on your customers. Go make them successful. Go ensure that they trust you. Whether you’re just starting out in that first quota role, think about those customers. Make sure that they are first and foremost. Customers first, company second, your unit third, you, a distant fourth.” 

Today we are joined by Gerri Elliott, Tech & GTM Senior Advisor for BCG and former Chief Customer and Partner Officer at Cisco, to talk about her incredible career trajectory. We look back on Gerri’s 42 years in the technology industry and how the diverse chapters of her global experience paved the way for life-changing opportunities, shaped her as a leader and led her to her current role.  

Listen to discover how to rethink and revitalize your approach mentorship and sponsorship opportunities to scale your career as a future leader as well as Gerri’s strategies on how to actively increase the level of diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration in your workplace to give your company the edge it needs to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. 



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