DEAR FUTURE CRO | by Culture Crunch x GrowthQ – Elaine Mason

The team at Hunters and Unicorns is excited to announce their pop-up podcast collaboration bought to you by Culture Crunch and GrowthQ. Titled ‘Dear Future CRO’, we talk to dynamic and diverse sales leaders and listen to their advice for tomorrow’s CROs.

“Dear Future CRO, first, take bold risks on yourself and others. Second, be careful whose toes you step on today, they may be attached to the person you end up having to kiss tomorrow. Third, take each opportunity to learn, not only about the technical stuff but about the individuals and people you’re working with because ultimately, we’re in this game to be with other people, not to be with products or profit.”

Today we are joined by Elaine Mason, Senior Vice President of Purpose Strategy and Innovation at Cisco, to talk about her incredible career journey and how the chapters of her diverse experience and background in organisational development and change management have led her to her current role powering an inclusive culture at Cisco.

Listen to discover which aspects of Elaine’s journey provided the foundations for her upward career trajectory as well as vital strategies for progression in sales leadership roles as she speaks from her own experience on the benefits of creating a strong culture of sponsorship, mentorship, coaching and peer-to-peer connections within SaaS organizations.


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