DEAR FUTURE CRO | by Culture Crunch x GrowthQ – Dr Molly

Welcome to Dear Future CRO, bought to you by GrowthQ and Culture Crunch. We’re here to showcase leaders and thought innovators within the tech and sales space and explore their guiding principles for future leaders.

Today we are joined by Dr Molly Maloof, physician, entrepreneur, university lecturer and best-selling author. Working with a plethora of individuals and entities including executives from the VC and tech space, Dr Molly shares with us her insights regarding optimizing high performing individuals and teams via healthy best practices. She addresses the topic of burnout head on – an issue which is very much on the rise amongst sales professionals and executive leaders. From a psychological perspective, Dr Molly addresses the correlation between a safe psychological work environment and strong engagement with tangible results. Does remote working impact our need for human connection? Do we prioritise money over the mission? Dr Molly discusses these key points and shares more insights from her new book “The Spark Factor”.


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