DEAR FUTURE CRO | by Culture Crunch x GrowthQ – Carolyn Henry

Welcome to Dear Future CRO, bought to you by GrowthQ and Culture Crunch. We’re here to showcase leaders within the tech space and explore their guiding principles for future leaders. Today we are joined by Carolyn Henry, VP CMO of Americas Regional Marketing at Intel Corporation. We explore Carolyn’s exponential career trajectory within the tech marketing space. Although she began her professional journey with a liberal arts foundation, Carolyn made the decision after working for a VC firm to return to grad school and qualify in Technical Communications. She explains that a career in STEM can begin slightly later but can still demonstrate exponential cadence. Carolyn discusses her time with IBM where she really learnt the importance of marketers working in synergy with the selling partners. She shares her perspective on the role of empathy for marketers aiming to grow these successful partnerships and scale their careers. Now in a senior leadership position at Intel, Carolyn’s gives us invaluable insight into Intel’s formula for success regarding diverse hires and propelling forward underrepresented minorities for leadership. She also discusses her unwavering passion for marketing – specifically reaching new audiences and connecting generations. Carolyn also talks about the ‘Marketing Wheel’ – a spectrum of different disciplines, areas of focus and wide-ranging skill sets which fall under the marketing umbrella. She shares with us her perspective on the huge significance of mentoring, sponsoring and structured job rotations in contributing to positive business culture and individual career growth.


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