3. Hunters and Unicorns – 202020 Mastery Mission – Part 2 – The Stories – Lauren Ball

In this story session we cover:  


  • The benefits of a non-linear career trajectory and why you should stop fixating on your next title 
  • How to know when the time is right to take a step up and challenge yourself in your career 
  • Mentorship – what does mentorship look like and what to expect from a mentor 
  • Finding your authentic self as a female in SaaS 


Today we are joined Lauren Ball, VP Commercial Sales at Auditboard. We discuss her exemplary resilience and experiences as a female leader in SaaS and the importance of finding your “Why” in order to succeed in this environment. Highlighting the limitations of chasing titles, Lauren helps us to understand the benefits of a non-linear career trajectory in this industry and explains how her “lateral” journey to the top exposed her to opportunities that prepared her for future leadership roles.  

“We’re so focused on the title that we lose sight of all the credentials that we’re gaining on our CV or resume, or even just life skills. The idea that titles translate to money is absolutely not true. They can translate to more money but have to be successful in the role to earn the money in sales.  You have to find a role that you can thrive in. 

Whether you’re at the top of your game or just starting out, listen to discover Lauren’s advice on how to navigate your long-term SaaS career trajectory with authenticity – learn how to articulate your “Why?” and shift your perspective to begin fulfilling both your personal and professional goals.  


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“Are you on the mission?”  


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