17. Hunters and Unicorns – 202020 Mastery Mission – David Boyle

Welcome to Hunters and Unicorns,
20/20/20 Mastery Mission. 20 topics, 20 guests for 20 minutes.
We’re here to unlock tribal wisdom from tech sales legends to help you get one step closer to mastery.
Today we are joined by David Boyle, Strategic Accounts leader at Aware. In this interview, David presents his understanding of The Value Framework and how to use it as a powerful tool to grow your sales organization. David explains the key characteristics of the Value Framework and its capacity to help you articulate the worth and differentiation of your products in a way that has meaning to your buyers. He talks us through how a well-defined sales messaging strategy can be implemented not only by reps, but also by managers and leaders to provide consistency and increase your chances of success through mutual understanding and shared hypothesis.
“You’ve got to slow down. You’re really making sure you’re not misunderstanding each other, and you’ve got to really dig in as to the implications of not doing anything. It’s how voracious and aggressive you are at qualifying and making sure that the hypothesis becomes a shared hypothesis and if you get agreement on this document, and if you’re the scribe, you’re in control of things.”
Giving examples from his own experience, David elaborates on how to use the Value Framework to solidify alignment with your buyer and establish a strong data-driven foundation for all phases of the customer journey. He also emphasises the importance of highlighting potential career progression opportunities for your champion during the qualification stage as well as the company-wide benefits that would result from investment in your solution. With advice for both reps and managers on how to leverage the Value Framework, David offers tips, insights, and tools to help you develop your persona-based messaging, align your business outcomes with your customer’s pain points, and drive more successful sales cycles.
Listen to our story session to discover more on how to apply David’s strategies to real business scenarios – learn tactics and best practices for developing value-focused messaging and aligning your sales organization with the Value Framework to create sophisticated, metric-based business cases that will increase trust in your solution and improve your close rates.


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