16. Hunters and Unicorns – 202020 Mastery Mission – Andy Whyte

Welcome to Hunters and Unicorns, 20/20/20 Mastery Mission. 

20 topics, 20 guests for 20 minutes. 

We’re here to unlock tribal wisdom from tech sales legends to help you get one step closer to mastery. 

Today we are joined by Andy Whyte, enterprise sales leader, author of MEDDICC, and founder of the leading resource for enterprise sellers, MEDDIC.com. In this interview, Andy explains what salespeople commonly get wrong with sales qualification and why nobody ever regrets qualifying out of opportunities, but so few people do it enough.

“We’re really focused on qualification, but we work so hard to get opportunities that there’s almost a reluctance to qualify out. One of the things I learned earlier in my career was if you go to qualify out, only good things happen.”

Andy discusses how sales qualification is often misunderstood as being a checkbox exercise, or even worse, it is used to qualify ‘Can this customer buy’, rather than ‘Does my solution provide enough value to my customer’. He goes on to address the common misconceptions around MEDDIC and explains the origins of the framework and how to use it more efficiently and effectively to qualify deals and generate a clear path to success. With over fifteen years of experience working in SaaS and helping organizations improve their sales velocity, Andy offers his tips on how to view your qualification strategy through your customers eyes and leverage the proven MEDDIC methodology in your sales cycles so that you can articulate and quantify pain, demonstrate the value of your sales solution, and ultimately accomplish a perfect “mutual qualification”. Presenting strategies and best practices on how to successfully implement MEDDIC and navigate qualification, Andy helps us to understand how to stay ahead of complex deals by adopting the “MEDDIC mindset” and focussing on the three pillars of sales – value, stakeholders, and process.

Listen to our story session to discover how to apply Andy’s strategies to real business scenarios and learn tactics for using MEDDIC to execute your customer interactions with more purpose, achieve better results and reap the rewards of having a well-qualified pipeline of opportunities.


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