1. Hunters and Unicorns – 202020 – Part 2 – The Stories – John Kaplan

In this story session we cover: 


  • An example of John Kaplan nailing a first customer meeting 
  • An example of John Kaplan “crashing and burning” in a first customer meeting  
  • Why preparation is key and how to use John’s Principles to execute first customer meetings effectively 

Today we are joined by John Kaplan, President, Co-founder, & Managing Partner at Force Management. Revealing “real world” techniques, tales and insights from his 20+year career in sales, John breaks down his fundamental sales strategies to help prepare you for your next sales call and ensure you stand out from the competition. 


“We closed with revised required capabilities because we wanted them to be more specific, which would be valuable for them, and valuable for us. The economic buyer stopped us in the middle and said, “Hey, one question.” I said, “Sure, go ahead.” They said, “Are you going to teach our people how to sell like this?” And I said, “Absolutely.” And that was it.” 


Whether you’re at the top of your game or just starting, listen to discover how to apply John’s 3 “Ps” mantra to real business scenarios and learn key steps for warming up cold sales conversations and turning prospects into active opportunities your business.   


New to the 202020 Mastery Mission – Check out this blog for more information – https://www.somuchsoap.com/the-202020-mastery-mission/



“Are you on the mission?” 


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