Mauro Trione

“Do you need to be a specialist in something to sell it? No. You need to know how to sell, learn what that product can do for a customer, and then apply the playbook, and you can be successful.”  – Mauro Trione

Hunters and Unicorns shares the playbooks from leaders, founders, executives and investors from high growth technology companies.

In this special edition series The 33 CXOs we investigate the greatest success story in the history of software sales. Discover how thirty-three sales execs from one organisation, BladeLogic, became CXOs in the world’s 100 fastest growing technology companies. We uncover the stories and playbooks of the most prolific sales leaders in the industry

Episode 6 features Mauro Trione, RVP Sales – Southern EMEA at Delphix. With a background of huge success in the enterprise IT field, Mauro has built a strong reputation for himself as an outstanding professional leader. He started his career in sales and channel roles for PTC, EMC, BladeLogic and BMC and unsurprisingly went on to meet extreme success, becoming VP Sales at Bazaarvoice and going on to join Delphix as a Regional Sales Director in 2014, rising through the ranks once again to become VP Sales, developing and driving growth for business.

Described as the fastest man in technology due to his background as a racing car driver, Mauro is a competitor with natural ambition. Having won the Italian Championship in Touring Cars before even embarking on a career with PTC, Mauro knew nothing about selling software before he entered into this tough sales environment, but he had all of the attributes, skills, and raw materials needed to make it in this industry.

“I’m a sales guy. You can call us VPs, managers, etc, but we are sales people, we want to be able to completely control what we do. As a race car driver, I like to control things because if you don’t control your car and your car drives you, you’re fucked!”

Described by McMahon as “one of the most incredible sales people in the world,” Mauro is a truly talented communicator and an out of the box thinker. His innate determination and drive enabled him to transition through the ranks at BMC, but he gives credit to the PTC management, especially John McMahon, for putting together a structure that enabled him to learn how to become successful in this industry by following a specific process. 

“It doesn’t matter how you refer to it, if you come from PTC or EMC, you’ll have great examples of successful people, and if you ask them, “Did you apply MEDDIC?” They would say, “What is MEDDIC?” But if you go back and try to understand what they have done and do reverse engineering on how they manage activity; they will tell you that they did the same thing that we did.”

In this vodcast you will discover:
The parallels between race car driving and software sales
The importance of playbooks and training for a rapid transition into technology and success in this industry
How to use MEDDIC strategies and champions to close deals
How to transition into managerial roles

Mauro Trione knows how to lead with passion and drive maximum revenue for his teams. We discuss his spectacular achievements in this formally unfamiliar territory, the role of training and playbooks and what has caused his work ethic to evolve over time. Giving you an insight into the mindset of an extraordinary athlete, this interview is essential listening for those with an interest in sales strategy, as well as anyone with a passion for the technology space.


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